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Cargo Shipping When You’re Moving Abroad On Your Retirement

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Life doesn’t end in retirement where you no longer have to go to work every day and 50 hours a week. In fact, life can begin again after retirement. Time to explore new places and experience feats that were not possible when you were raising kids and earning your keep. For some people, it’s comforting to retire close to home, while other retirees decide to live abroad to enjoy their golden years. Overseas retirement has been an increasing trend in the recent years.

If you’re moving overseas after your retirement like many others, you’ll have to make a lot of important decisions, one of which is what country you’re considering to live in. There are numerous options for this, such as Costa Rica, Italy, France, Greece, Australia, Thailand or Sweden, among others. Your preference depends on what region or culture you’re most comfortable with. Your financial capacity is also a major concern. Economical options for retiring abroad include Asia and Central America.

Whatever country you choose to retire in, you’ll have to figure out how to transport your personal and household items abroad. Maybe you’ll also need to ship your car or vehicle. An economical way to transport your effects abroad is through ocean shipping. For this endeavor, it is crucial to hire an affordable and reliable cargo shipping company.

Are you getting ready to move abroad and transport your personal belongings? If so, think about these 4 important things to remember when choosing an international shipping company:

  • Excellent reputation– look for reviews about the company and see if they have many satisfied customers. This guarantees that the company has an excellent reputation. What do customers say about their services? Were their cargo transported safely and did it arrive at the destination country at the scheduled time? Most of all, were the items delivered in good condition? Choose a cargo shipping company that has an excellent reputation. It is the first step for your hassle-free and efficient relocation.
  • No hidden and unexpected fees and costs– Make a good observation about how the company offers their services. Is there transparency in the way they do business with you? Does their staff make it easy for you to understand their fees, pricing and other related paperwork? Was it fast and convenient to get a free freight quote? Are you able to choose from several viable shipping options? For example, in case you’re shipping your car, can you choose between cargo container shipping or ro-ro? When hiring a cargo shipping company, see to it that there’s transparency in their shipping process and you’re comfortable with their terms and conditions.
  • Customer-oriented– does the company live by the motto of “customers first”? Basically, you’ll have to find a company that is focused in meeting your shipping wants and needs as a customer. Ask if the company has a cargo tracking tool that enables you to keep track of your cargo as it voyages from your home country to its destination. Maybe they have a cargo shipping mobile app, too. In the same way, look for a company that provides door-to-door pick up and delivery services so that your personal items arrive safe and in tact.
  • Proven international shipping experience– How many years has the company been operating in the industry? Does the company possess all the complete licensure requirements to run their business? If you’re transacting with a Non- Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), ask if they have received their Ocean Transportation Intermediary or OTI License from US Federal Maritime Commission. The Federal Maritime Commission Bureau of Certification and Licensure requires cargo shipping companies to pass their certification requirements. Having all the necessary licenses for international shipping means that the company is in compliance to the rules and regulations of the Federal Maritime Commission and Shipping Act.

Moving abroad on your retirement doesn’t have to be a klutzy and inconvenient process. The first step to a successful move to your new home abroad is choosing the best international shipping company.

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